Trademarked with his intense energy level, D.I.P has a style that is easily recognizeable. Bringing together the hardcore, in your face lyrics, with an emotional connection to his listeners. Heavily influenced by late 90's rap and hip hop, he decided to move to Colorado in 2003 to chase his dream of making music with his brother from another mother T-Roc, he worked vigorously on track after track until 3 cd's later their goals of STC were fulfilled and the next chapter began...

   Once settled in Denver, D.I.P linked up with J.G.A.D, constructing a microphone booth in D.I.P's bedroom, hand picking a top of the line microphone, enabling him the ability to  finally record on his own and produce his own music. After years of working solo on his own music, with an occasional track featruing  Image Dragen, D.I.P was introduced to Naka and Prince Ferg of Muleface and began opening for the group. Thru the bond that was created within the group, Muleface absobred the artist of D.I.P and the entity known as Muleface Entertainment LLC. became that much more stronger and is growing stronger each and every day.


New "BANGERZ" music video