Johnny Garthim Apollo Dionysus or J.G.A.D. For short, has been working with many styles of music his whole life. Birthed in N.Y.C., he was exposed to the multitude of cultures embedded in the Fordham section of the Bronx until he moved with his family to Denver Colorado at the age of nine. Puerto-Rican by nationality, Salsa, Mambo, Meringue and Jazz were the beating heart of his family gatherings while Folk, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, and Classical music would envelope his household from his parents' speakers. Both musicians, Johnny's parents taught him how to learn and create music from the inside out. This technique sticks with him till this day.
   Hip-hop has always been in and around J.G.A.D., from 183rd and Southern Blvd to 9th and Kalamath, Hip-hop was the aura of the world, received in a language that his heart could understand. Johnny felt Hip-hop, and it opened his ears to even more styles of music.
   While his older brother King-Beatz(an accomplished artist in his own right) was well along his path in rapping/producing southern and west coast style Hip-hop in the early 90's, Johnny kept his creations personal and closed off for fear no one would get his blend of musical styles and concepts, and put a good enough rhyme to it. Not long after Johnny's own cousin(Image Dragen) began putting words to the music, his production began to take form. A chance meeting with D.I.P. in 06' further pushed J.G.A.D.'s limits as a producer and engineer, but not until Johnny met A.K. and Prince Ferg was he pushed to produce on the level he is now with Muleface. The trio, combined with the orbiting talents of J-Love, D.I.P., and Image Dragen have combined to make a creative playground for J.G.A.D., and he's utilizing every second of it.